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Mirco Tornow

Technical Director – 2D Pipeline | Compositing | Nuke | RV

From a young age, I have been drawn to the world of film and motion pictures.
Working as a Compositor on several Movies, Short Films and Student Projects I always found ways to automate processes and found a real passion in programming.
As a 2D Pipeline TD I can now focus on what I love, which is developing and maintaining tools for Nuke and other 2D workflow related software.
Supporting the 2D Team if there are any problems in the pipeline or with Nuke is something I enjoy a lot, because I think helping people is just a thing that makes you feel good.
As a vfx graduate which a strong emphasis on compositing and scripting with python and tcl, I also worked on several projects for my student Demo Reel, feel free to check it out if you want to see how I started.
I am always looking for new and rewarding opportunities through which to grow and further develop my career in the vfx industry,
so please get in touch with any questions or if you have an interesting project in mind.